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Tax Penalties and Settlements

Taxation Solutions Inc - Claim of Lien FormsIt’s not just your beginning tax balance that makes owing back taxes so bad. The heaviest toll comes in the form of tax penalties, interest charges, and other fees added on after you miss deadlines or fail to make payments. If you’re learning the hard way about the government’s stringent IRS penalties and fines, bring your case to Taxation Solutions, Inc. With our extensive experience in IRS tax relief, we know how to work within the system to get your tax penalties reduced or maybe even eliminated. Excessive fees, garnished wages, and property seizure are much too high a price to pay for your personal or business tax mistakes. Contact us today to help with your IRS penalty abatement and tax debt settlement in Richmond and beyond.

The choice is yours: You can continue to suffocate under state and federal tax penalties. Or, you can stand up for yourself and get our IRS tax relief champions in your corner. It takes a strong advocate to convince the IRS to back off on its tax fines and penalties, and we do that by applying our 40+ years of combined expertise.

Depending on your particular tax penalty circumstances, Taxation Solutions, Inc. can do whatever is necessary to help with: 

  • Effective IRS penalty abatement
  • Offer-in-compromise proposals
  • Installment payment plans
  • Innocent spouse relief
  • Ending wage garnishment
  • Removal of tax liens and levies
  • And other taxes settlements

Even minor tax fines and penalties can multiply quickly, leaving you with little chance of ever catching up. That’s why it pays to consult with the tax debt reduction pros at Taxation Solutions, Inc. We’ve helped clients on the brink of financial disaster receive a fair and swift outcome for their IRS penalty problems. Whether you’ve been hit by outrageous fines, debts from your ex, or even property levies, we’ll work tirelessly to address your IRS penalties.

State and IRS Tax Settlement

It serves the interests of all parties to come together and agree to a tax debt settlement. Taxation Solutions, Inc. can present your side of the story to the IRS, providing proof of your good faith effort to resolve your outstanding tax bill. Often, we’re able to significantly lighten your tax burden through the abatement or forgiveness of IRS tax penalties. For some, that might mean restoring your full paycheck thanks to wage garnishment cessation. For others, it might mean paying what you owe in easy-to-handle monthly installments. Ultimately, whatever type of tax settlement is right for you, you’ll be on your way to IRS tax relief once and for all. Don’t delay. Call us in the Richmond area today!

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