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IRS Audits

Taxation Solutions Inc - Audit PaperworkReceiving notice of an impending IRS audit can induce panic. But you don't have to lose a lot of sleep over an IRS tax audit. Thanks to audit defense services from Taxation Solutions, Inc., you can take on the tax authorities with total confidence, knowing that all of your pertinent records and strategic options have been fully thought through and organized in advance. After all, information is half the battle when it comes to IRS audit help. We’ll make certain you’re prepared for whatever your IRS audit brings.

During your audit by IRS officials, Taxation Solutions, Inc. will be by your side every step of the way. We’ve seen countless clients through the rigors of IRS auditing, and we’re ready to help you or your Richmond-area business with:

  • Pulling together paperwork to support your claims
  • Presenting a strong argument to the authorities
  • Negotiating a tax settlement, should it come to that
  • Petitioning for removal of IRS audit penalties
  • Appealing IRS audits in federal tax court
  • Avoiding future run-ins with IRS tax audits

For starters, we’ll clue you in on why you may have been selected for IRS auditing to begin with. Sometimes, understanding the reason for your audit by the IRS can provide insight into what the powers that be are trying to uncover. Other times, it could just be bad luck that you were randomly targeted. Whatever we’re able to determine, it’s likely to help us plan accordingly for your IRS audit representation. We’ll leave no stone unturned at Taxation Solutions, Inc. Our aim is to make your IRS tax audit as swift and painless as possible.

Persuasive IRS Audit Defense

In the days leading up to an IRS tax audit, it may seem like the government holds all the cards. Nevertheless, we have a few up our sleeves as well. We have a firm grasp of the law at Taxation Solutions, Inc., and we can use our four decades of audit defense experience to build a solid case for your side. Even if your IRS auditing extends all the way to the appeals stage or federal tax court, we’ll be right there with you defending against IRS audit penalties and other damaging outcomes. In fact, you don’t even have to take time out of your busy life to attend the IRS audit proceedings. It’s all part of our comprehensive IRS audit representation services for personal and business tax audits.

Put your panic aside long enough to call the IRS audit defense specialists at Taxation Solutions, Inc. Our IRS tax audit help is the answer to a peaceful night’s sleep. As always, your first consultation is free!

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